Cast Iron Skillet by Field Company

Mar 10, 2016

Category: Gear

If you love cooking, chances are you you have at least one cast iron skillet in your cupboard. It’d be surprising to see anyone carrying them too far out of the kitchen, however – because no matter how great they are for cooking up a cut of meat, they’re simply too heavy to go camping with. Or at least they used to be. The folks at Field Company have set out to build a much lighter skillet that you can take with you wherever you go.

This family owned company has taken all of the best features of the classic American cast iron skillet and added a modern twist. After a year researching and designing this pan and hundreds of prototypes, the team got the weight and feel just right – with enough heft to retain heat and light enough to want to use everyday. Forged in Michigan and weighing in at just 4.5 pounds, this skillet manages to be lighter than a Macbook Pro without loosing any of that even heat distribution. This American made cooking utensil is sixteen inches from spout to handle, has a nine inch cooking surface, and is two inches deep.You can grab yours for $83. [Purchase]

Field Skillet By Field Company 1

Field Skillet By Field Company 2

Field Skillet By Field Company 3

Field Skillet By Field Company 4

Field Skillet By Field Company 5

Field Skillet By Field Company 6

Field Skillet By Field Company 8

All Photos: Courtesy of the Field Company

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