Field Notes Utility Edition Notebook

If you’ve ever dabbled in carpentry, industrial design, or engineering, you probably already know the value of keeping a good notebook on-hand. The problem is, not many pocket-friendly notebooks are geared towards logging that kind of work. Most feature blank, lined, or (at best) simple graph paper. Fortunately, Field Notes saw that opportunity and decided to fill it with their latest quarterly release, the Utility Edition notebook.

Designed in either of two oft-requested formats, ledger and engineer graph, these 48 page pocket notebooks are exactly the sort of thing one might use to scribble down measurements, schematics, assembly drawings, and more. And their vibrant Via Vellum 80# “Safety Yellow” covers promise to be easily spotted on even the messiest drafting table. Best of all, each of these books feature a built-in flip-out ruler (inches on one side and centimeters on the other), making it both a handy place to scrawl notes and a tool with which one can measure, well, anything. These handy notebooks come in a pack of three for just $13.

Purchase: $13