All 99,999 Field Notes ‘Snowy Evening’ Notebooks Feature Unique Covers

Limited-edition quarterly releases have become a routine part of Field Notes’ operation, with the Chicago-based brand boasting an ever-growing catalog of special edition EDC notebooks. And while we’ve had an affinity towards a great many of these limited releases, Field Notes’ latest quarterly release is almost certainly its most noteworthy to date.

Christened the “Snowy Evening” edition, the notebooks are comprised of 3.5” x 5.5” 48-pages books with pages adorned in a unique “Flake Grid.” As per usual, this quarterly release is American-made and sold in packs of three. Though, what separates the Snowy Evening edition from previous versions is the fact that each of the 99,999 units being produced features a cover with a snowflake design rendered by UK-based artist and designer, Brendan Dawes. And, just like with real snowflakes, no two images of these prints are exactly alike, making all 99,999 pieces one-of-a-kind items. What’s more, because of the one-off nature of these notebooks, each unit is marked with its individual production number. Made up of white ink printed on “Deep Blue” stock and bound in glossy white staples, the Field Notes Snowy Evening Winter 2020 Quarterly Edition is available now with pricing set at $13.

Purchase: $13