Field Notes Byline Notebook

Despite the fact that we can all take notes (or dictate them for that matter) on our phones, small companies producing notebooks have been on the rise in the past few years. Maybe it is a testament to our love of pen on paper, or maybe we’re all just luddites and we don’t even know it. Either way, it’s exciting to see products like Field Notes’ Byline Notebook roll of the line.

Designed by Field Notes with the help of John Dickerson, the stalwart reporter and host of CBS’ Face The Nation, this 70 page booklet has been trimmed a little to make it easy to hold in one hand while note-taking. With comfort and ease of use in mind, the brand also made sure that the cover folds down on top of the wire binding so you don’t get it caught in your coat or pocket. For keeping business cards, notes, or maybe a little money to grease some palms – the notebook also includes a small pocket on the interior. To sweeten the deal, those who order the notebook now will get receive a chapter from John Dickerson’s upcoming book tucked along with it. Prices are set at $13. [

Purchase: $13

Field Notes Byline Notebook

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