Ferrari P80/C One-Off Supercar

Ferrari’s production vehicles are undoubtedly some of the best to ever have hit the pavement. But if they are still a little too commonplace for you and you’ve got deep enough pockets, the Italian brand will actually build you an even more magnificent bespoke one-off — like the P80/C supercar you see here.

Based on the 488 GT3, this entirely unique, one-of-a-kind, track-only monster was styled by Flavio Manzoni with intimate input taken from the exceedingly-lucky customer. Built around a 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 (which gets 661 horsepower in the road-going production car), this ride has custom bits from tip to tail. That includes a longer “catamaran-style” geometry for better handling, improved aerodynamics, a beefy rear spoiler, a gargantuan rear diffuser, a minimalistic pair of headlights, and carbon fiber body panels. The inside has also been stripped down as much as possible — save some cushy carbon fiber and Alcantara bucket racing seats — making this a pure driving machine and little else. We’re not sure who the lucky customer is but we hope this car sees as much track time as it deserves.

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