This Ferrari Shooting Brake Is Ready For High-Octane Off-Road Adventures

When Ferrari introduced the GTC4Lusso as the FF back in 2011, it was the first all-wheel-drive car the Maranello-based automaker had ever produced. And while it showed tremendous promise upon its debut, an unconventional design coupled with some problematic engineering meant that it was finally discontinued late last year.

Which is a shame. Because the GTC4Lusso was a car ripe for aftermarket customization, as evidenced by this Yasid Oozeear-rendered safari variant. Up front, he’s given it a hefty brush guard and a power winch, a combination that readies it for all kinds of gnarly off-road adventures. Granted, the race slicks it’s currently shod with won’t be of much use away from the tarmac; however, the concept artist appears to have lifted the suspension enough to squeeze in some extra rubber. At the back, you’ll find the most notable changes, with the rear bumper and hatch modified to accept a full-length roof rack complete with a lightbar and a spare tire. Set off by some green paint and an exposed exhaust unit, one can only wonder how that glorious Ferrari V12 would sound funneled through its tailpipe.

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