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Is This Ferrari F40 Countach Concept The Ultimate ’80s-Inspired Dream Car?

Like many, we grew up under the impression that Lamborghini’s illustrious supercars were symbols of importance, wealth, and luxury. While our idea of the brand has shifted into a more mature state over the course of our lives, we still remember its conceptual platforms of lore Fortunately, designer Abimelec Arellano shares our adoration for the manufacturer’s unique cars, resulting in his own interpretation of the “poster” models that would never come to be.

Arellano’s latest creation seeks to blur the lines between two of history’s most prominent automotive manufacturers: Lamborghini, and Ferrari. The aptly-named F40 Countach that you see here is a mish-mash of epic proportions, gifting viewers a near-lifelike illustration of what it might look like, should the two join forces. To channel the bombastic neon colors of the 1980s and recall the nostalgia of vintage pop music, this extravagant recreation boasts a bevy of angles, nostalgia-inducing wheels, and a large, body-borne wing to improve its aerodynamic performance. Through its transparent, slatted rear window, viewers are treated to a magnificent showcase of the supercar’s refined rear-mounted engine. Head to Abimelec’s Instagram for a closer look at the retro wonder.

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