The Fuorilegge Development Program Boosts The Ferrari 328 To 400HP

Following the successful transition and customization of Germany’s classic Porsche lineup by Singer Vehicle Design, a number of bespoke builders have once again taken to the drawing board to devise their own restoration programs. While most builders fall short of their ambitious plans, Casil Motors and Button Built have materialized an elaborate revitalization of an unlikely but classic Italian supercar, the Ferrari 328.

The famed Ferrari has been labeled the BB3X8 and leads the charge for the company’s collaborative, ultra-limited restoration and customization endeavor called the Fuorilegge Development Program. Only 30 units are slated for production, all of which utilize a bespoke kevlar and carbon fiber widebody kit, air suspension, and aftermarket Rotiform wheels. The car’s 3.2-liter naturally aspirated V8 has been given a set of Casil-made throttle bodies which, along with a number of other upgrades, will boost the car into the 400-horsepower range — giving it a significant performance upgrade. As with other classic restoration and customization services, Casil and Button Built’s Fuorilegge Program will allow buyers to tailor the car to their exact specifications, and will even include interior upgrades such as bespoke leather upholstery, differing color schemes, and other unique attributes.

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