Novitec’s N-Largo Widebody Takes Ferrari’s 812 Superfast To A Higher Place

Following the release of the beautiful 812 Superfast aftermarket kit at the beginning of the year, Novitec has once again revisited Ferrari’s notable supercar for another iteration. This time, the customizer has elaborated upon the car’s sleek silhouette with its aptly named “N-Largo” widebody kit, bringing an all-new visual appeal and performance upgrades into the mix.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast “N-Largo” widebody kit brings an additional 5.5-inches of width to the vehicle’s rear end — thanks, in large part, to a set of aggressively-tailored fender flares implemented atop the original body. At the front, a 2.8-inch addition, courtesy of custom carbon fiber rocker panels, helps to bring the car closer to the blacktop while enhancing aerodynamic performance in the process. To further the 812’s aerodynamic prowess, a subtle roof-mounted spoiler and large rear wing join with Novitec’s restyled air vents and bumper orientation. But the company’s influence doesn’t end with aesthetics — the implementation of a new quad exhaust system (with adjustable flaps) and a handful of “undisclosed” upgrades brings the Italian supercar from 789 horsepower to 829, resulting in a breakneck top speed of 214 mph and a 0-62 of just 2.8-seconds.

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