Ferrari Embraces Open-Air Driving With The 789HP 812 GTS Supercar

Two years ago, Ferrari introduced the 812 Superfast to its lauded lineup. The 789-horsepower platform marked the revival of the brand’s established “Superfast” moniker and represented an attractive step forward for high-end vehicle design, as a whole. But if you, like many other consumers, found yourself awaiting the release of a convertible version of the 812, your faith was heavily challenged. Luckily, Ferrari has decided to reward your patience with the 812 GTS.

The newly revealed 812 GTS transcends the boundaries set forth by the original vehicle, introducing an open-air cockpit that will allow consumers to immerse themselves in the sound of the car’s illustrious V12 engine. The 6.5-liter powerhouse still boasts the same 789-horsepower output of its predecessor, making the GTS the most powerful production spider on the market. Thanks to a power-operated hardtop and redesigned rear, the 812 will rocket from 0-62 in under three seconds, accelerating pleasantly toward its 211 mile-per-hour top speed. And for the true driving enthusiasts out there, Ferrari has opted to include an all-new short ratio seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, departing from the industry’s interesting infatuation with automatic drivetrains. For more information on the class-defining convertible, head to the company’s website.

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