Ferrari’s 488 Challenge Evo Is An Aerodynamic Track Racer You Can Own

Let it be known that Ferrari is not a brand to simply rest on their laurels — even when it comes already-released vehicles. Case in point: three years after the initial release of their 488 Challenge, they’ve unveiled a massively upgraded version. And guess what? It could be yours.

Unveiled during the Ferrari Finali Mondiali, this new edition was made to “maximize the synergy between aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics.” And it’s been achieved in a number of ways. For starters, the vehicle has numerous body additions (like a lengthened grille intakes, splitter, bumper re-proportioning, and more) that result in a whopping 50% more downforce. This is also Ferrari’s first offering with the option to modify the front downforce independently of the rear — meaning it can be balanced without a ride height adjustment. It also gets re-tooled brakes, an FXX-K Evo-inspired steering wheel, selectable antilock brakes, a fine-tuned electronic differential, and so much more. Although this speedy racer is track-only and nowhere near street legal, it’s still available to customers. Better still, if you already own a 488 Challenge, the upgrades will be available as a kit in the near future — so you won’t have to buy a brand new one.

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