Ferrari & McLaren Collide In This Sleek Retro 308-Based Supercar Concept

Back in 1975, Ferrari launched the 308 GTB in an effort to add a bit of excitement to its existing offerings. With its sharp Pininfarina styling, sporty two-seater configuration, and bonafide Ferrari badging, it was a welcome alternative to the otherwise unremarkable Dino-branded GT4 2+2. Suffice to say, by the time the Prancing Horse had announced a Targa-topped GTS variant two years later, the 308 had already become an essential part of its lineup (and would be for the next 10 years).

As an homage to the iconic Italian 70s supercar, an independent designer by the name of Carlos Pecino (a.k.a., ColorSponge) has rendered the sinister-looking concept — dubbed ‘The Brawler’ — you see before you. Based on the Ferrari 308 GTS, it’s been given a futuristic redesign that includes minimalist full-width lighting fore and aft; a lightweight interior roll cage; as well as some eye-catching quarter window louvers. And that’s not all: it also ditches its rear splitter in favor of an aggressive open-backed design, a necessary modification in order to fit that chunky Hoosier race rubber. Under the hood, Pecino notes that it hides a twin-turbo V8 from a McLaren 720S. With up to 710hp on tap, this car would scream if it ever saw the road.

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