Ferox Azaris Advanced ATV

While brands like Polaris and Can-Am are focused on creating the next big thing in ATVs, a company by the name of Ferox has been quietly working on a far more impressive offering that looks like it was ripped straight from the year 3000. Called the Azaris, this six-wheeled all-terrain side-by-side looks primed to change the world of off-roading as we know it.

It might seem like the most interesting and impressive part of this vehicle is the futuristic design — with its unique chassis and suspension system — but that’s only until you learn about how it actually generates power. You see, the quartet of wheels at the rear each feature their own in-house motor — driven by a hydraulic liquid that’s 95% water — that can produce up to 500 foot-pounds of torque each. For those keeping score, that’s up to 2,000 total, which is on par with ultra-high-end diesel engines found in tuned-up full-sized pickup trucks. That’s all the more impressive when you consider that each of those motors weighs just 25 lbs. Of course, those motors need something feeding them — which Ferox says can be either a combustion or all-electric engine, depending on your personal preference. Best of all, it’s not even theoretical — the company has built a fully functional prototype with the intention of putting it into production.

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