Ferox’s 6×6 ANT Is A Dual-Mode All-Terrain Life-Saver

Inspired by the incredible mindset and anatomy of ants, tech company Ferox designed an all-terrain vehicle for first aid response under the toughest conditions. Looking like a burly beast from a sci-fi film, the Ferox ANT All-Terrain Transporter concept will get you to your destination no matter what’s in your way.

The six-wheeled off-road monster is built to transport essentials, such as water, food, medical supplies, and even housing units to disaster-stricken locations. The dual-functionality vehicle has a Rapid mode when you require a speedy ride and a Transporter mode when you need to haul heavy loads. And it’s designed with independent swing arm suspension so you can negotiate any terrain without breaking a sweat. You can get in the driver’s seat to control it manually, remote pilot the vehicle, or have it drive autonomously with advanced drone-to-vehicle connectivity. The ANT All-Terrain Transporter Concept is the ultimate rescue vehicle of the future and we’re eagerly waiting to see if it will go into production.

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