Ferno’s Patented Firewheel Fixes Gas Grilling’s Biggest Drawback

While purists might decry the use of a gas grill, there are some pretty major benefits to them you just can’t get with wood or charcoal — namely in the realms of efficiency and balance. But a fairly common feature of more traditional varieties — the ability to move the heat source up and down — has always been impossible when grilling with natural gas or propane. Or at least it was before the Ferno Grill.

Over the course of four years; eight prototypes; and over 750-pounds of meat, fish, and vegetables, Ferno perfected what they call the “firewheel,” a patented crank-based system that allows users to raise or lower the heat source and, by proxy, the flame. That technology opens up a world of new options for gas grilling not previously available — like the ability to apply a sear to a steak and then back off the flame for slower cooking. But that new tech isn’t the only thing impressive about the Ferno Grill, as it also boasts a tough stainless steel and aluminum construction, cast-iron grates, a swing-out tank mechanism, and even integrated LED lighting. At $4,800 each, this might just be the best gas grill ever built. And with the weather heating up, the timing couldn’t be better.

Purchase: $4,800