This Off-Road SUV Has A Hybrid Bio-Diesel Powertrain & A 4,350-Mile Range

At the moment, hybrid powertrains represent the absolute peak of automotive performance — as evidenced by their use in the current crop of Formula 1 cars. Recognizing the many advantages of these gas-electric systems, a former Ferrari and McLaren F1 engineer has taken a few pages out of the F1 and supercar playbooks to deliver a thoroughly cutting-edge hybrid off-roader christened the Fering Pioneer.

Powered by an 800cc bio-diesel-fed inline-three engine paired with an electric motor setup that puts down 442.5ft-lbs of torque, Fering’s inaugural model straddles the line between pickup and side-by-side, with an aluminum spaceframe paired with long-travel suspension, a tall ride height, and a more than 3,300lb payload capacity. Riding on a set of 22.5″ wheels that were designed to fit standard truck tire sizes, the British-built off-roader can be upgraded with new components or software/firmware updates, essentially future-proofing the machine, plus the company says the Pioneer has also been engineered to allow for easy modifications and can be adapted to suit the needs of its owner. Alongside its striking and aggressive appearance, the most noteworthy aspect of the machine is undoubtedly its range, which is a claimed 4,350-miles between fill-ups. This is made possible through the use of some advanced materials, borrowing design elements from the supercar world in order to achieve a remarkably svelte curb weight of just over 3,300lbs. What’s more, the regular Lithium-Ion cells typically found in hybrids and EVs have been replaced by a more sophisticated Lithium Titanate Oxide configuration that’s markedly more impervious to extreme weather conditions. Currently, the first prototype of the Pioneer is undergoing extensive testing, though Fering aims to begin production in the UK within the first half of 2022.

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