Fender Dips Into The Archives For A Series Of Vintage-Inspired Guitars

Few, if any guitar manufacturers have had even a fraction of the same cultural impact and staying power of Fender Guitars. In fact, look back at the history of popular music since they were established back in 1946 and you’ll likely notice just how ubiquitous the brand is. Now, they’re reaching back into that rich history for the vintage-inspired Vintera Series electric guitars and basses.

Across 15 different models — including iconic shapes like the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jaguar, Jazzmaster, and more — this electric guitar collection pays homage to some of Fender’s most significant contributions to the instrument world and serves to embody era-specific vibes — not just in how the guitars look, but in how they function. In fact, Fender actually worked directly with a trio of innovative experts to ensure the styling and designs were just-right. Pair that with period-correct parts, specially-designed pickups that produce decade-specific tones, and vintage colorways and these guitars are about as close as it gets to time travel. Pricing starts at $900.

Purchase: $900+