Fender Game Of Thrones Guitars

HBO’s Game of Thrones is in its final season, finally wrapping up a decade of top-tier storytelling with what promises to be one of the biggest events in television history. Unsurprisingly, the monumental occasion is surrounded by the pomp and circumstance of a wide array of specially-branded gear made to let fans to pledge their house alliance for all the world to see. But none of it, perhaps, compares to the beauty and uniqueness of Fender’s Game of Thrones Sigil Collection guitars.

This trio of instruments comes out of Fender’s Custom Shop courtesy of Ron Thorn, the guitar manufacturer’s Principal Master Builder, with each representing one of the three primary houses of the series: House Stark, House Lannister, and House Targaryen. For the Starks, Fender offers their legendary Telecaster crafted from swamp ash with inlaid sterling silver purfling, a maple neck with an ebony fretboard, and Dire Wolf iconography. The Lannisters, appropriately, get a Jaguar crafted from alder wood with 24K gold leaf with heraldry meant to pay homage to the Red Keep of King’s Landing. And the Targaryen guitar is an alder wood Stratocaster done up in carved dragon scales with a hand-tooled and stained leather pickguard. These guitars, which range in price from $25,000 to $35,000, also come with a bespoke case and strap. A Song of Ice and Fire, indeed.

Purchase: $25,000+