Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster Guitar

Nearly 70 years ago, Leo Fender revolutionized the music industry with his Telecaster guitar. And since then, Fender has become the world’s preeminent manufacturer of guitars, amps, and a wealth of accessories. Yet that hasn’t stopped them from innovating. In fact, they may have just altered the industry’s path yet again with their new American Acoustasonic Telecaster guitar.

Built in their Corona, California factory following three years of research and development, Fender’s cutting-edge Acoustasonic Telecaster might just be the world’s first true hybrid acoustic-electric — meaning it’s equally an electric and an acoustic, not favoring either style over the other. And the list of innovations that make this thing possible is numerous — each one more impressive than the last. They include a patent-pending Stringed Instrument Resonance System (to give the thinline fully-acoustic body a greater depth and dynamism of tone), a trio of Fender and Fishman pickup systems for unheard of electric versatility, and something called the Acoustic Engine — a proprietary technology that allows the instrument to produce ten different body style and tone wood sound combinations. The American-made Acoustasonic Telecaster guitar is available now for $2,000.

Purchase: $2,000