Fellowes Wants To Improve Your Posture With This Innovative Hanging Office Chair

Maintaining a healthy posture is one of the key aspects of day to day activity, and since we’re spending more time than ever in our WFH office area, it can be difficult to find the time to correct our unhealthy slouching habits. To remedy this, Fellowes has crafted one of the finest office chairs on the market — the posture-approved Elea.

The Fellowes Elea Office Chair is a futuristic furnishing that goes above and beyond to provide a more immersive experience for buyers, but it’s also got its own share of health-focused functions. If you’ve been bothered by troublesome back and neck pain due to the extra hours you’ve been putting in at the work desk, Elea’s ergonomic, hanging structure promises respite, supporting our spine, hips, and legs in ways that we’d never thought possible. This is due to the chair’s scientifically-proven architecture, which promotes natural spine alignment during those long workdays. Better yet, Fellowes’ innovative office piece is crafted from industrial-grade alloy steel, cast aluminum, and comfortable, durable fabrics, prolonging its life. Head to the brand’s website for more info.

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