Fellow’s ‘Ode’ Is One Of The Most Precise Coffee Grinders Ever Created

For most of the coffee-loving community, the morning grind is one of the most pleasant experiences around. Whether it’s the aroma of freshly-ground beans, the anticipation of a warm, hearty brew, or the release of caffeinated endorphins, there are more than a few reasons to love the blissful morning beverage. But what if the process was made a bit more precise? Perfected? The innovative minds a Fellow Labs decided to answer this question with the Ode Coffee Grinder.

The Ode Coffee Grinder is a cutting-edge device that makes early-morning brewing as convenient as ever, thanks to an intuitive but scientifically-complex system that’s as attractive as it is functional. Inside of the countertop companion’s handsome exterior, you’ll find a set of professional-grade 64mm flat burrs to keep grind time to a minimum, while also promoting near-exact particle consistency. This, paired with the Ode’s direct-drive motor and PID feedback control ensures that every great-tasting bean is exposed to the same force and speed during the grinding process, resulting in even particle distribution throughout. Better yet, the device’s 11-setting setup even boasts an ultra-quiet grind volume, a magnetically-aligned catch, and a bespoke knocker that keeps average grind retention of stubborn chaff to less than 1 gram. In layman’s terms, it’s one of the most precise coffee grinders ever created — and now, you can head over to Fellow’s Kickstarter to reserve one of your own for $239+.

Kickstarter: $239+