FELO Unleashes An Aggressive, Tech-Laden EV Scooter For Urban Riding Duties

Late in 2020, Kymco unveiled a sharp and aggressive-looking electric scooter model offering the range and performance capabilities comparable to a small-displacement petrol-powered machine. More recently, the Taiwanese motorcycle manufacturer has entered a strategic partnership with FELO to deliver a redesigned, tech-laden version of the two-wheeler known as the FW-06 DX.

Taking aesthetic inspiration from Kymco’s electric SuperNEX supersport concept, the DX-spec FW comes equipped with a PMAC motor integrated into a single-sided swing-arm that generates 10kW (13.5hp), 22ft-lbs of torque, and is paired with a 96V 88Ah Lithium-ion battery that affords an 87-mile range and is good for around 1,200 recharge cycles. Offering a top speed just shy of 70mph, the motor is also mated to a proprietary ATS two-speed transmission, increasing power by up to 9% and offering a torquier low-speed mode for around-town riding and a higher-speed mode for freeway and open-road applications. On the tech side, the FW-06 sports connectivity to a smartphone app for real-time performance and battery monitoring, LED lighting throughout, a 5” TFT display, ABS-equipped disc brakes, and a digital keyless fob and ignition system. The FELO FW-06 also offering a slightly cheaper GL-spec that comes with a shorter 68-mile range and a $4,190 MSRP — $310 less than the FW-06 DX’s $4,500 price.

Purchase: $4,190+