Feher ACH-1 Air Conditioned Motorcycle Helmet

There’s nothing more liberating than blasting down an open road on your motorcycle on a clear day, looking at the horizon through your face shield. However, on hotter days your dome can be sweltering inside a helmet. Thankfully, high-tech motorcycle helmets don’t just protect your skull anymore, since Steve Feher created the ACH-1 Air Conditioned Helmet.

Utilizing a quiet, self-contained thermoelectric technology, the helmet evenly allocates filtered, cool air inside the skull shield, dropping the interior temperature by 10 to 15 degrees. The patented ‘Tubular Spacer Fabric’ used to make the helmet’s comfort liner helps to keep a consistent and cool internal temperature so that your head won’t boil under the blazing sun. In addition to the novel air conditioning technology, the helmet has an advanced synthetic multi-layer fiberglass shell, a scratch-resistant anti-fog face shield, and washable comfort liner and cheek pads. For your convenience, it comes with a helmet bag and backpack so you can take it anywhere. There are five colorways to choose from, including pearl white and gunmetal.

Purchase: $550