Faraday Future FF91

For those who root for American manufacturing to make a comeback, the electric car market has been a very exciting area to watch grow over the past few years. And with Faraday Future’s newly announced FF91, we don’t see that changing any time soon.

This thing is futuristic like few other production cars endeavor to be. Fully electric and boasting a 130kWh battery that has a 378 mile per hour range, the car has more than enough juice to get you from city to city. For when you are on the open road, the FF91 has a powertrain with the ability to pump out 1,050 horses, sending the car flying to 60 mph in just 2.39 seconds (for those keeping count, this is faster than Tesla’s Model X P100D). To put it plainly, the car promises to be a serious driving machine. Yet, with that all being said, what may garner even more attention is the FF91’s ability to use facial recognition in place of a key. That, combined with the self driving feature for those who don’t like to deal with parallel parking, and the NASA inspired zero gravity reclining seats seem like a winning formula. Faraday is taking reservations now with production slated for 2018. [Purchase]

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