Fantom Quick-Access Wallet

We love minimalist wallets. They are more pocket friendly; lighter weight; free of extraneous pockets, pouches, and material; and (more often than not) a good deal more handsome than your classic leather billfold. Our one beef with them is that, because of their pared-down format, it’s often somewhat difficult to access the specific items we want out of it. Well, it looks like the folks behind the Fantom Wallet have figured out a way to circumvent that problem.

Still featuring an incredibly slim profile, this metal wallet has a clever eject lever built into it that fans your cards out with just a flick. That means you can grab the exact one you want without any fuss. That same lever also functions as the lid to the optional coin compartment. The Fantom also offers RFID protection while your cards are securely stashed inside, has an external money clip for your cash, and comes in a variety of colors and materials (including aluminum, titanium or carbon fiber). This clever minimalist wallet holds up to 10 cards and starts at $59.

Purchase: $59