A Designer Transformed Iconic Brand Logos Into Modern Mansions

Conceptual living spaces are a dime a dozen, so when a passion project stands out in both an artistic, and intellectual way, it’s a welcome reprieve from the uninspired dabblings that often receive widespread exposure. Karina Wiciak, of Wamhouse Studio fame, is no stranger to the creation of these awe-inspiring dwellings — and now, her most recent project has once again made waves within the community.

For its most recent project, Wiciak’s Wamhouse Studio has designed four unusual, but aesthetically-pronounced homes that pay homage to a variety of famous companies and logos. The first, dubbed Trihouse, is a recreation of the iconic three-bar silhouette that we’ve come to know and love. Angular concrete columns and glazed viewports give way to a well-furnished, four-level interior, where spaces like a hall, living room, cooking area, dining room, and recreation room reside in a definitive, open-ended layout. The second, known as Crosshouse, is a dual-floor, waterborne dwelling whose face is clad entirely in glass. Inside, two alternating levels promote a reserved living style thanks to a large dining room, living room and library study. The third, penned Rhombhouse, fosters a magnificent diamond structure with intricate horizontal leveling. Wiciak’s final offering, known as the Pyrahouse, features a fully confined level that looks to be adorned in concrete, while its grandiose midsection hosts a variety of unique living areas, including a library, kitchen, dining, and living room.

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