Fallout 3 Motorcycle

Did you ever get around to playing Fallout 3? Good little RPG. It’s set in the year 2277, some 200 years after a nuclear apocalypse—great atmosphere. Now we can tell you at least one person who most definitely did play it though: Chris Riffel. He’s created a fully functional motorcycle inspired by the game, and it looks so good, you almost want a nuclear war to break out.

Chris – who’s in high school, by the way – got help from his friends and teachers in building the Fallout 3 bike. The steel was cut and welded locally, while they got the engine from scrap. Since this post-apocalyptic vehicle, Chris figured there was no need for a transmission, suspension, or even a front brake.

Fallout 3 Motorcycle 2

Fallout 3 Motorcycle 3