The Falke Nemesis 400 Scrambler Is A Custom Retro Ride

Photos: Pete Cagnacci

In 2013, the talented motorcycle specialists at Sol Invictus began developing and customizing bikes, creating two-wheel machines with a vintage look and modern performance. The bike you see here is the brainchild of Sol Invictus’ General Manager Adrian. The Falke Nemesis 400 Scrambler is handsome dirt menace and a testament to the talent at Sol Invictus.

In the process of creating the Falke Nemesis 400, the crew cut down the front guard and completely removed the rear guard, as well as added a fiberglass seat and custom seat with a taillight integrated. It also has Purpose Built LED indicators, Mitas Enduro tires, Sol Invictus black diamond grips, and a Purpose Built LED headlight. Get on the Falke Nemesis 400 Scrambler and you’ll feel like you’re riding a retro motocross bike.  The pristine scrambler is a labor of love that took over 100 hours of work to complete and another gleaming example of the work done by Sol Invictus Motorcycle Co.

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