Facebook Portal

Although technology can pull us apart sometimes, at its best, it can also bring us together — helping us communicate so we can feel at home no matter where we are. The Facebook Portal is the social media giant’s new smart video-calling device that will help us stay in contact with the ones we care about most.

The hands-free smart device pans and zooms automatically during your phone calls, tracking your position when you move around. It will also zoom out if another person jumps in on the call so everyone can be in the frame. When you’re not using the Facebook Portal to talk to someone, it displays important events, photos, and notifications. And, with Alexa-built-in, you have a digital assistant to answer your questions. Facebook Portal comes with several third-party options, including Spotify, Pandora, and The Food Network. For your privacy, you can completely disable the camera and microphone with a single tap or block the camera lens with the Portal’s cover. You can grab a 10-inch Portal or a 15-inch Portal+ on November 8.

Purchase: $199+