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Facebook Transforms Social Media Into A VR Experience With ‘Horizon’

Twenty years ago, virtual reality (VR) was only a dream. Films, comics, and respected literary sources crafted stories of its promise, lauding it as a futuristic technology that would change the way we viewed, and interacted with the world around us. Until the past decade, however, innovations surrounding the genre have been few and far between. Now, thanks to advancements in compact processing power, we’re closer than ever to the creation of a truly interactive virtual world.

The introductions of the Oculus, Vive, and Index have helped to spur the genre’s creative efficiency. With greater technological leaps and reduced cost-of-entry, talented developers have taken an interest in virtual interaction, including the monolithic social media giant, Facebook. Instead of focusing on the application of VR technology within games, the outfit’s recently-announced “Horizon” VR experience promises to be a bastion for innovative social action, placing an emphasis on creative expression, community, and dynamic team experiences. Users will be able to create their own 3D environments, share them with friends, and interact within these spaces, allowing professional teams to work on projects, socialize, and collaborate with one another. Obviously, the Horizon experience will also have its very own gaming segment, but that’s a given. Head to Oculus’ website to learn more about Facebook’s upcoming VR project, which is currently celebrating its Beta release.

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