Journey To The Bottom Of The Mariana Trench In A Titanium Submarine

Last year EYOS Expeditions and Caladan Oceanic joined forces for an incredibly ambitious mission, embarking on a total of 39 deep-sea dives in a manned submersible in “The five Deeps” — Malloy Deep; the Puerto Rico trench; South Sandwich trench; Java Trench; and Mariana Trench — the exploration of the latter of which resulted in a new record for the deepest manned dive of 10,898 meters (more than 6.75 miles).

Christened the “Limiting Factor,” the submersible was built by Florida’s Triton Submarines, features a full-titanium hull and seating for two, and is the first-ever submersible to receive a “Depth Unlimited” classification. With the successful mission now in their rearview, EYOS — which currently more than 1,200 completed expeditions under its belt — for the first time ever is allowing deep-pocketed members of the public to partake in exploring the Mariana Trench, or, as the sea below 6,000 meters is often called: “Earth’s Final Frontier.” Organized to help fund future research and scientific expeditions, each of the public sub-sea adventures will travel more than 7 miles beneath the waves over a 14 hour period, eight hours of which is spent ascending and descending. For more information or to reserve your place aboard, check out the company’s website.

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