The GPS-Ready EyeRide Turns Any Helmet Into A Hands-Free Smart HUD

Smart helmets and the integration of heads-up-display (HUD) are nothing new, but when there is a torrent of similar models being released every single day, the genre can appear to be nothing more than a drab game of “cat and mouse.” Luckily, EyeRide’s Smart Helmet HUD takes a refreshing approach to the capabilities and aesthetics of traditional models, thanks to a sleek, futuristic persona that looks like it’s been pulled straight out of a sci-fi film.

The Carbon EyeRide Smart Helmet HUD is a glimpse into the future for helmet display technology, calling upon an all-in-one device that brings a head-up display, GPS, hands-free kit, and voice command to your safety peripheral of choice. To achieve this, the company has turned to SONY’s OLED, the industry’s smallest Nano HD technology, to ensure 100-percent image transparency and crisp colors, as well as 3000-nit brightness. Low-energy Bluetooth 5.0 and elaborate voice control allow you to answer calls, change songs, and utilize your AI assistant without the need to take your hands off of the bars, while IP54 waterproofing and an unobtrusive 24-degree angle of view make it easier than ever to navigate through inclement weather. Head to the company’s Kickstarter to grab the French-only Carbon model for $970, or the HUD system for around $285+.

Kickstarter: $285+