Exposed Motorcycle Bivouac

Embrace your inner outlaw with this portable shelter made for life on the lam. Designed by the team at Exposed, this motorcycle bivouac is any vagabond’s reliable companion on motorcycle journey’s through even the most remote areas. Neither gaudy or overdone, the design and functionality allows you to enjoy the outdoors in the purest way possible, using your motorcycle as part of the shelter’s support structure to reduce the package size as much as possible.

Each of the materials are carefully selected to provide the most durable and simplistic shelter possible. Offering enough room for one person and luggage, the bivouac is meant to provide any lone wolf with enough shelter from the elements and fits a wide array of motorcycle heights. Plus, the nature of the design always protects your seat from the rain, no matter what the bike size. Each product is handmade in Switzerland and comes with a peg and pole pocket and a leather binding strap for motorcycle mounting. It also rolls into a 6 x 18-inch cylindrical package for easy transport. Prices start at $300. [Purchase]

Exposed-Motorcycle Bivouac 2

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Exposed-Motorcycle Bivouac 4

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Exposed Motorcycle Bivouac 04

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