Exploride Heads-Up Car Display

Anyone who doesn’t use a mounted smartphone for their GPS needs is already one step behind the curve. And, since Exploride has made its debut to the world, even the smartphone car mount is losing its luster.

Exploride is a futuristic-looking 6″ heads-up display that gives drivers easy access to turn-by-turn GPS directions, music controls, notifications and apps all while allowing drivers to remain focused on the road ahead. It has a built in dash-cam to capture the events of your drive, as well as an OBD II adapter for pulling diagnostic data from your car’s computer. It’s a smart, safe and connected driving experience that amplifies your driving enjoyment. It simply sits on the dash above the steering wheel, and responds to the gestures of the driver. So, you no longer have to look at your phone to skip that U2 track that popped up on Spotify’s radio. Check out the video below. [Purchase]

Exploride Heads-Up Car Display 2

Exploride Heads-Up Car Display 3

Exploride Heads-Up Car Display 4