ExoLung’s ‘Infinite-Breathing’ Rig Revolutionizes Tethered Scuba Diving

Traditionally, underwater diving has been a tedious and arduous process requiring ample training, a bevy of expensive and complicated equipment, and a number of certifications. A new piece of dive gear from an Australian startup now seeks to revolutionize the sub-water exploratory experience via the introduction of a new breathing apparatus dubbed the “ExoLung.”

In lieu of a traditional scuba tank, the ExoLung utilizes an air-bell system paired with a flexible diaphragm bottom with a pulley attached to a torso harness and swim fins. The cleverly-designed device relies on the human body’s leg movement when swimming, drawing fresh oxygen from above the surface down into the air bell as the legs are extended and forcing water out of the bell. Then, as the legs are retracted, air is forced in under ambient water pressure, affording its user 100% breathable oxygen. Though still in the prototyping phase — and currently seeking industry partners to assist in the manufacturing and marketing of the innovative item — the ExoLung team has nonetheless mocked up four different designs, each conducive to different underwater activities. The outfit behind these devices claims the recommended retail pricing is just a tad over $335 and goes up to around $555 for the top-shelf model.

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