EXOD Just Revealed The World’s Most Advanced Hanging Camping Tent

For all that camping is cracked up to be, there’s no denying that it comes with its inconveniences. Weighty poles, uncomfortable campsites, and complicated setups are just some of the tenting woes faced by your average camper. Sure, some of these problems would be solved with a good hammock, but that invites its own share of problems. Never fear — here to redefine your outdoor adventure shelter is EXØD’s all-new Ark tent.

Built around an inflatable tubular exoskeleton, the Ark brings the best of kitesurfing technology — including durable Dacron and kevlar fabrics — to tree-level tenting. Bearing the brunt of the load is a lightweight military-grade carbon fiber frame, with the tubed housing picking up the slack. And when it comes to suspension, the Ark tent has anchor-point provisions abounds. For instance, paired with the CARBN FRME, the NFINITE STRAP allows for a hammock-style shelter deployable between any two mounting points. But should you be wanting for an additional tie off, the Ark can also be hung from a single hook overhead. What’s more is that with a stretched canvas floor and some built-in rack storage, the Ark tent solves all your hammock headaches — and then some. You can pre-order today for $2,400.

Purchase: $2,400