Exo-Top For Jeep Wranglers

Jeep Wrangler owners are nothing if not adventurers. They enjoy the open air, the off-roading, and the rugged versatility of their 4x4s. So that’s why they’ll probably enjoy the Exo-Top, an innovative accessory for 2007-2015 Wranglers that combines the pleasures of top-down driving with the utility of a roof rack.

What makes it so cool is that you can easily lower, raise, or remove the soft top while not having to unload any gear from the roof-rack cargo. The Exo-Top also features a Sun Slider retractable function which lets you slide the top back by simply releasing a pair of latches, giving you the open-top experience without having to get out of the driver’s seat. The 300-lb. capacity roof rack employs a series of Velcro straps along the perimeter bars of the roof rack, in turn helping to tighten and shape the soft top. It’s also a direct bolt-on application with no drilling for installation necessary. [Purchase]

Exo-Top For Jeep Wranglers 2

Exo-Top For Jeep Wranglers 3

Exo-Top For Jeep Wranglers 4