Evrgrn Downtime Hammock

REI’s Evrgrn collection may be new, but it’s proving to be quite successful in its infancy. We’ve featured a few pieces of gear from the product range, and today brings yet another one in the Evrgrn Downtime Hammock.

Made from durable outdoor materials, the hammock was designed to be a comfy couch for your campsite, offering up suspended seating for you and your friends. The hammock features high strength straps (supports up to 650 pounds), and lets you sit in a more upright position, perfect for snacking and conversing with your closest. There’s even large side pockets to stash your phone, snacks, books, or any other misc items. The hammock comes in three different colors including Pacific Blue, Sunset Stars/Tangerine or Charcoal/Shower – all of which fold down to fit into the included carry shoulder bag. The hammock retails for $130. [Purchase]

Evrgrn Downtime Hammock 2

Evrgrn Downtime Hammock 3

Evrgrn Downtime Hammock 4

Evrgrn Downtime Hammock 5