Evrgrn Campfire Rocker

Taking a nice stroll or embarking on an adventurous hike are both great activities to enjoy while camping in the backcountry, but there’s nothing like like sitting around the campfire with your friends and family after sundown. And while there are a handful of camping chairs to choose from, the Evrgren Campfire Rocker provides some comforts of home while being under the stars.

For camping trips, bringing along a bulky rocking chair is impractical to say the least. But Evrgrn knows just how relaxing and soothing that back and forth motion can be, and have built a lightweight, portable rocker that easily folds up into a carrying case so you can take it anywhere. It’s constructed from durable outdoor materials that let you hose it down after a weekend excursion, features a stable rocking base to prevent you from falling over, and even has a small stash pocket for your phone or a deck of cards. [Purchase]