Evoy Just Unveiled The World’s Most Powerful All-Electric Outboard Engine

Evoy’s commitment to the creation of 100% electric propulsion systems for watercraft is certainly commendable, but what’s truly interesting is that, while searching for the most efficient direction to take, the company has created the industry’s most powerful electric outboard system.

As Evoy’s directive to eliminate carbon emissions and minimize its footprint for water-faring vehicles continues to expand, the company’s newest project promises to be the most intriguing. After designing the prototype model for the Zodiac Milpro MARK 5 arctic exploration platform, the Norwegian outfit has revealed that the collaboration between they, Hurtigruten, and Frydenbø Marine has produced a 150-horsepower variant — more than suitable for their implementation alongside the company’s smaller Expedition tender boats and sustainable tourism platforms. For the Zodiac Milpro, however, Evoy’s electric motor will only achieve an output of around 115-horsepower, meaning that its capabilities will adapt to different scenarios and boat sizes. Head to Evoy’s website to learn more about the propulsion system.

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