This Bike Commuter Backpack Uses An Integrated Airbag To Protect Against Falls

If you’ve ever taken a spill while riding your bike, then you’ll know that going up over your handlebars is one of the worst ways to fall. Often unexpected and almost always without any sense of control, it can result in everything from fractured wrists and separated shoulders to broken collar bones and internal abdominal bleeding.

But no longer. In order to keep commuters safe during their trips around town, EVOC sports has partnered with Minerva AS to create a world-first cycling airbag backpack. Dubbed the ‘Commute Air Pro 18,’ it comes with an integrated back protector and a USB-chargeable, clip-activated chest sensor that analyzes its position up to 1,100 times per second. Should it detect a potential impact, then, a reusable e-igniter will inflate the system in a mere 0.2 seconds, thereby reducing the braking forces acting on a rider by as much as 80%. Of course, in addition to the added protection, the Commute Air Pro 18 also acts as a regular backpack, providing some 18L of storage capacity and a host of interior organizers. Launching in Spring 2022, it’ll retail for €900 (~$1,100).

Purchase: $1,100

Photo: EVOC Sports