Everysight Raptor AR Goggles

Every once in a while, a new piece of technology comes along that totally changes the status quo. That thing for the music industry was the iPod. The taxi industry had a similarly seismic shift with the advent of ride-sharing apps. And for cycling? We’re pretty sure Everysight’s Raptor AR Sunglasses are it.

Built by a team of engineers who cut their teeth working on heads-up displays for fighter jet pilots in the Israeli Air Force, these cycling sunglasses are packed full of groundbreaking technology. The Raptor smartglasses give cyclists real-time readouts of everything from their heart rate to their speed and energy output in watts – but in a nontraditional manner. The sunglasses use a proprietary ‘Beam’ technology that consists of a tiny projector set right above the bridge of the mirrored shades. This projector shoots an image at the shades, which in turn reflect into the back of the cyclists eyes, overlaying an opaque image in their line of sight. More than just giving riders an impressive HUD display, the sunglasses are actually designed to record things like your velocity, location, altitude, and more thanks to an included accelerometer, magnetometer, barometer, GPS, GLONASS, and proximity sensor. As if this wasn’t enough, they also boast a top quality front facing camera that can shoot photos and record video on voice command. No word yet on when these sunglasses will come out, but if you’re as excited about them as we are, you can sign up for updates on their website.

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