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Everyday Carry: Dark Skies

Since before humanity even knew there was a universe outside the bounds of Earth, we’ve been staring up at the night skies trying to figure it all out. And while we’ve acquired a good deal more information about the vast and mostly-empty space outside our atmosphere, it’s still shrouded primarily in mystery. For some, that’s a terrifying prospect. For others, it means the promise of a near-infinite number of possibilities: habitable planets, intelligent life outside our solar system, a future marked by space-faring prosperity, etc. For all of those NASA fanatics out there who find inspiration in the stars, galaxies, nebulas, black holes, and all the other curiosities in the vast universe, this everyday carry pocket dump is for you.

Field Notes Three Missions Pocket Notebooks

The impact of NASA on science, technology, and culture cannot be overstated. But some of the agency’s greatest achievements involved sending actual flesh-and-blood humans out into space. This collection of USA-made Field Notes pocket notebooks celebrates some of NASA’s most monumental missions — Gemini, Mercury, and Apollo. And, as always, they’re impeccably constructed and filled with 48 useful pages.

Purchase: $13

Olight M2R Warrior Flashlight

For legitimate stargazing, you’re going to need to get pretty far from civilization to get away from all the light pollution. But that also means you might be navigating unfamiliar terrain in pitch-black conditions. That’s where Olight’s M2R Warrior flashlight comes in handy with its output of 1-1,500 lumens, 208m beam distance, and 25-day battery. And if the weather gets bad, it’s also waterproof rated at IPX8.

Purchase: $90

Fisher AG7 Astronaut Space Pen

Any pen that has a Fisher Space Pen ink cartridge in it can write upside-down, underwater, or in zero gravity. This one, however, is particularly special because it’s the actual model that NASA’s astronauts take with them on every space mission. This particular one also boasts a titanium nitride coating for extra durability and, like every Fisher offering, it’s made in the USA and comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Purchase: $100

Omega Speedmaster Meteorite Moonwatch

If you’re a real space buff, then there are likely few watches quite as cool as Omega’s Speedmaster Meteorite Moonwatch. Yes, as the name suggests, this particular edition of the fabled Moonwatch actually features a dial made from “a solid piece of ancient, extra-terrestrial stone” uniquely etched to make every watch one-of-a-kind. It also has a 60-hour automatic movement, 18K Sedna gold accents, a tachymeter bezel, and more.

Purchase: $15,600