Everyday Carry: Wanderer

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It’s pretty incredible how stressful and annoying air travel can be — thanks in no small part to the likes of the TSA. But it is equally incredible how much easier your adventures can be made with a few simple, purposeful changes to your everyday carry. By catering the gear you keep in your pockets to speeding up the unfortunate bits of international travel, you can cut down on frustrations tenfold. As an example of just how easy it is to create a loadout that’s equal parts handsome, durable, and handy from a jet-setting perspective, we’ve put together this week’s pocket dump with the goal of satiating even the most discerning of travelers.

Bond Travel Wallet

Part passport pouch, part everyday carry organizer, the Bond Travel Wallet is one of the best pieces of gear for a frequent flyer to have in his EDC loadout. And that’s only bolstered by the fact that it’s made from a durable abrasion and water-resistant nylon, features both internal and external organizational pockets, can house (and comes with) a handy pocket notebook, and boasts RFID-blocking technology.

Purchase: $34

Tile Pro Tracking Device

An improvement over an already impressive wallet-size¬†tracking device, the Tile Pro is improved in that it finally boasts a replaceable battery. That means you never have to send it in to get charged up again — and you still get two-way tracking, app connectivity, audio tracking alerts, and a good deal more.

Purchase: $35

Big Idea Design Titanium Pocket Pro Pen

Not only is this EDC pen remarkably tough — thanks to its construction of solid titanium — but it is also capable of expanding and contracting automatically to suit the ink cartridge within. That means it’s compatible with a whopping 80+ different refills — including those from Fisher Space Pen, Parker, and a whole lot more.

Purchase: $75

Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses

One of the most iconic sunglasses silhouettes of all time, this take on the Ray-Ban Wayfarer is even more travel-friendly thanks to a clever folding design. With all the same styling as the original, but in a much more pocketable and packable format, these are a jet-setter must-have style essential.

Purchase: $153

Apple Watch Series 4

Already at the top of their game, Apple has solidified their seat atop the world of smartwatches with their new Series 4. Along with all the great features that came in models before, this one boasts a smaller bezel, automatic workout detection, the ability to take an EKG on the go, and a bevy of other impressive smart features.

Purchase: $399+