Everyday Carry: Walnut

Sep 13, 2017

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Generally, when people think of high-quality everyday carry gear, materials like titanium or carbon fiber come to mind. And while we understand the thought process, we believe people are doing themselves a disservice by not considering more refined and, perhaps, rarer build materials. It’s not to say that the tough stuff isn’t excellent, but there are a lot of options out there that get put by the wayside without good reason. Take, for instance, walnut. Sure, a hardwood isn’t going to survive being crushed by a pneumatic hammer – but how often do people really need something that strong? We believe, if you look in the right place, you can find superb everyday carry gear that will far exceed your expectations – both from a style and durability standpoint – made from walnut if you just take the time to look. And this week’s pocket dump is a pretty good place to start.

JBird Co. Jumper Lanyard

Featuring a military-grade snap-shackle closure and D-ring, this full-grain vegetable tanned leather lanyard is more than enough to handle all your keychain-mountable tools and keys. And since it’s made in the USA, you can count on its toughness through and through.

Purchase: $30

Madera Union Slim Wood Wallet

Never underestimate wood as a building material. Case in point: Madera’s Union minimalist wallet is crafted from gorgeous hand-polished walnut, features RFID blocking, comes equipped with a rubber cash strap, and can hold up to 6 cards and some cash while still fitting in your front pocket.

Purchase: $75

Shwood Prescott Walnut Sunglasses

Made from your choice of natural or dark walnut, these handsome and stylish sunglasses features a sturdy birch core construction, spring hinges, and superb-quality Carl Zeiss lenses – offering a unique combination of function and form in a package that will never go out of style.

Purchase: $149

The James Brand County Knife

Modeled after the same kinds of folding blades we all used when we were kids, this new spin on the classic slipjoint pocket knife from The James Brand is built from Sandvik steel, 416 stainless steel, and high-grade walnut. And since it measures up at just 6 inches total, it’s more than small enough to fit in your pocket every single day.

Purchase: $150

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