Everyday Carry: Volume

Whether on foot, by bus, on a trolley or subway, or cycling — urban commuting can be pretty damn hectic, what with all the sights and sounds. Sometimes it can be hard to find a moment of peace, undisturbed by the honking of horns and inconsiderate conversationalists. That can all be managed, however, if your everyday carry loadout was put together for just such an occasion. And that’s what we’ve got for you here: a collection of superior pocket gear perfect for the city-dweller who likes to drown out all of that noise. Haul this around paired with your favorite hi-fi headphones and you’ll be able to enjoy those trips to and from the office, wherever that is.

Native Union Reynolds Charging Knot

We don’t love the idea of carrying around a charging cable with us everywhere we go, but our tech sometimes necessitates some way to keep it juiced. That’s where Native Union’s Reynolds Charging Knot comes in handy. Small enough to slip in a pocket or attach to a keychain, this handsome everyday carry accessory lets you charge your smartphone wherever there’s a USB outlet.

Purchase: $50

Kershaw Decibel Folding Knife

Kershaw is easily in our top five favorite budget-friendly pocket knife brands, and offerings like their new Decibel folding knife are a pretty good example as to why. Made from sturdy and reliable materials — including titanium carbo-nitride coated 8Cr13MoV steel — and weighing just 2.7 ounces, this futuristically-styled EDC blade offers a lot more value than its low price might suggest.

Purchase: $60

FiiO M7 Hi-Fi Music Player

Most people have realized by now that your smartphone is plenty capable of playing music — be that through headphones, a Bluetooth speaker, or otherwise. But those folks might not realize that the sound quality suffers as a result. If you’re a serious audiophile looking for hi-fi audio on the go, you’ll want to pick up a lossless portable audio device, like the FiiO M7. It’s got 20 hours of playtime, 40 days of standby power, and up to a whopping 512GB of storage space (expandable by SD card).

Purchase: $194

Tsovet SVT-CN38 Watch

Handsomeness, simplicity, reliability — Tsovet’s SVT-CN38 minimalist wristwatch has it all in spades. Powered by a reliable Swiss quartz Ronda movement kept safe inside its 316L stainless steel case and under a hardened mineral crystal, this no-fuss watch is the perfect style piece for the man who appreciates a purpose-driven everyday carry loadout free of unnecessary accouterments. And the comfortable and durable nylon band ensures it can be worn all day long.

Purchase: $200