Everyday Carry: Urbex

Aug 9, 2017

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Short for ‘urban exploration,’ urbex is a fairly self-explanatory term that refers to the investigation of abandoned and derelict human-erected structures. While we’d encourage people to look into the legality of such activities prior to partaking in them, there’s a very active and engaged community of people involved in it around the world. And, as is the case with every human endeavor, urbex requires a particular set of skills and gear in order to be done successfully and without incident. This means, in part, preparing for contingencies – even when it comes to your EDC gear. Though we’d not call it a comprehensive kit, this week’s everyday carry pocket dump will go a long way toward helping those brave enough in finding, exploring, and documenting deserted edifices – as those who enjoy urbex are wont to do.

Word Notebooks Adventure Log

While we encourage everyone to carry a pocket notebook at all times, this one (a collaboration with Bradley Mountain) is laid out particularly well for documenting expeditions out in the world, thanks to its 48 American-made pages and handy internal record-keeping system.

Purchase: $12

Timex Expedition Gallatin Watch

Time can be a tricky thing to keep track of inside a dark and dank old building. Give yourself a leg up with this relatively inexpensive adventure-friendly wristwatch from Timex – it’s water-resistant, features an Indiglo light-up dial, and has a rotating bezel.

Purchase: $35

Olight M1X Striker Flashlight

Always carry a flashlight – especially when exploring unfamiliar surroundings. The M1X Striker from Olight offers an output of up to a blinding 1,000 lumens, can run for 360 hours on two batteries, is water-resistant at a rating of IPX8, and has a handy striking bezel for self-defense applications.

Purchase: $60

Leatherman Surge Multi-Tool

Leatherman is the king of multi-tools for a reason – just have a look at this offering. The Surge comes equipped with a whopping 21 different tools that range from cutting blades, to pliers, to screwdrivers and everything in-between. And thanks to its all-black finish, it looks exactly as badass as it is.

Purchase: $105

Tactile Turn DLC Coated Titanium Glider Pen

If you’re going to carry a notebook, you’ll also need something with which to write. And you can’t go wrong with the Tactile Turn DLC Coated Titanium Glider pen. This bolt-action EDC pen is compatible with most ink refills, weighs just 2.2 ounces, looks great, and promises to keep up with any adventure.

Purchase: $129

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