Everyday Carry: Tyger

Feb 6, 2019

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What immortal hand or eye, dare frame thy fearful symmetry? So ends William Blake’s most famous poem, “The Tyger,” written in 1794. Way back then, the animal from which the piece’s inspiration is drawn was still a dread novelty for most of the western world, with its razor-sharp claws and teeth hidden behind a beautiful and alluring striped pelt. Yet, in the hundreds of years since, we still find ourselves fascinated by the black-and-orange predatory jungle cat — and as far more than just a literary metaphor. In fact, it’s that very fascination that’s lead us to put together this week’s similarly-colored everyday carry loadout. Chock-full of sleek and stylish gear, this EDC pocket dump boasts an almost sinister handsomeness, yet doesn’t skimp on strength or capabilities — just like its namesake.

Pioneer Carry Ion 10XD Ripstop Wallet

It took years for Pioneer Carry to perfect their 10XD ripstop material — a synthetic fabric that’s 10 times stronger than steel. But we’re glad they took that time because now we get their Ion wallet to swoon over. With space for eight cards and folded bills, built-in FutureForm technology (which lets the wallet break in without ever breaking down), and a weight of just 26.5 grams, this reimagining of the traditional bifold is a must-have for EDC fanatics who like the latest and greatest gear.

Purchase: $60

Shinola x Surefire Flashlight

There’s no doubt that Surefire knows a thing or two about torch-making, and Shinola gets top marks in the style department. Combine the two and you get this superb everyday carry flashlight. Boasting up to 600 lumens, this portable light will give you up to 46 hours of illumination, features sturdy and lightweight anodized aluminum, and it’s built here in the USA.

Purchase: $195

Zero Tolerance 0808BLK Rexford Knife

We think it’s been proven that Zero Tolerance doesn’t need help from anyone to make a sturdy and reliable EDC knife. But when they pair up with legendary knife designers, it’s always a treat. That’s the case with this blacked-out, USA-made, titanium and CPM S35VN steel knife — designed by none other than Todd Rexford. If you want a top-tier frame lock knife, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Purchase: $270

Singer Reimagined Track1 Hong Kong Edition Watch

Singer’s custom Porsches are legendary in the car community, but not everyone knows that they also make high-end timepieces that are also worthy of being drooled over. And their Track1 tachymeter chronograph is definitely amongst the best of the best. This lightweight timepiece features a revolutionary ceramic-aluminum case, an AgenGraphe automatic movement (which took decades to perfect), and a 60-hour power reserve — and that’s just the beginning.

Purchase: $45,000

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