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Everyday Carry: Timber

In a world where everything seems to be constructed from glass, stainless steel, or some other space age material, it can be easy to forget about the beauty and versatility of wood. It’s a simple and long used medium that, depending on the type, can do everything from help you build a house to keep track of your keys.

Beyond just its utility, however, each piece of wood has its own unique look and texture, making them ideal items for everyday carry. Even mass produced items take on a bespoke quality due to the grain unique to each and every piece. Whether you are in love with the look, feel, and qualities of wood, or just want to draw some contrast with the rest of your high-tech carry, these pieces that we’ve scrounged up are all ideal for keeping on hand day in and out.

Walnut Comb

Big Red No. 9 Comb

There is no excuse for a grown man to fall victim to an unruly beard or a scruffy mop. Whether you are headed out for the night, or headed to work, keeping a comb like this on hand can be a game changer. No need to worry about this thing snapping, either. Made with five layers of walnut, two of which run perpendicular to the face, it is as durable as it is good looking.

Purchase: $15

Hudwood Caribener

Hudwood SURF Carabiner

These wooden carabiners are a great grab for the surfer or water-sports fiend who is looking for a new way to keep their keys close. While you can’t climb with them, they are strong enough to hold up to 22 pounds, and because they’ve been given a protective coating, they’ll last for years of everyday use.

Purchase: $30

Madera Wallet

Madera Poquito Wallet

If you are looking to slim down your wallet a bit, you have a whole bevvy of options to choose from, but few will look this good. Made from either Cherry, Oak, or Walnut, this wallet can carry up to 8 cards and even has a small hidden compartment for keys and coins.

Purchase: $55

Grovemade Walnut iPhone Case

Grovemade iPhone 6/6s Case

Wherever there are wood everyday carry items, there is Grovemade. The Oregon based team has been turning out great cases for a long time now, and this wooden case for Apple’s iPhone 6 is no exception. With a simple outer shell constructed from walnut, this case protects your phone from bumps and scratches without adding bulk or compromising on design.

Purchase: $100

James Knife County

James Brand County Knife

If your childhood pocket knife grew up and went to college for architecture and design, this is what it would look like after it graduated. James Brand is known for making great looking knives, but this one stands out even in their own catalogue. With that all being said, this knife is much more than just good looking, however. Equipped with a 2.5 inch blade made from Sandvic 12C27 it can take on any task.

Purchase: $150

Rayban Club Master

Ray-Ban Club Master

These classic Club Master sunglasses are made with the kind of quality you’d expect from Ray-Ban, but have a unique touch thanks to the addition of walnut, maple, or cherry wood frames. Ideal for throwing on your face for casual sunny days outside reading, hanging by the beach, or going for drives. Bring on the sun.

Purchase: $290

Grado Reference Series RS1e

Grado Reference Series RS1e

A lot of folks make products out of wood almost purely because of how nice it looks – but these headphones from the Brooklyn based audio company Grado use mahogany in their headphones because of the unique tonal quality they produce. With a frequency response range of 12-30kHz and an 8 conductor cable design in an open air configuration, you’ll finally get an idea of what all of those audiophiles are talking about.

Purchase: $695