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Sep 25, 2019

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If we had to pick an order of importance regarding the qualities of everyday carry gear, as prioritized by the community, we’d have to say utility comes first, appearance is second, and there’s little else after that. But if you were to ask us, we’d probably slip tactile feeling in the third-place slot. After all, a major part of using your everyday carry gear is holding it in your hands. As such, we’re partial to things that feel good to hold — whether that’s because of their ergonomic shape or, in this case, their texture. With this week’s pocket dump, we wanted to put together a collection of gear that doesn’t just work well and look good but also has a good feel in your hands. And we think this loadout fits the bill perfectly.

The James Brand Holcombe Carabiner

A sleek and pared-down take on the mountaineering-gear-turned-EDC-accessory, The James Brand’s Holcombe carabiner is as beautiful as it is handy. It’s built from solid stainless steel, features a PVD finish for extra durability, has a spring-loaded wire gate, and boasts a dual-compartment structure for better security for your keys and keychain accessories.

Purchase: $45

Big Idea Design Titanium Pocket Pro Pen

One of the most versatile writing instruments on the market, Big Idea Design’s Titanium Pocket Pro Pen is ultra-durable, lightweight, and compatible with a whopping 80+ different ink cartridge refills. What’s even better is that, to switch between refill types, you just have to insert them into the pen and the auto-adjusting mechanism does the rest.

Purchase: $75

Off-Grid Knives Elite Series Black Mamba

An exceptionally stylish and effective cutting tool, the Off-Grid Knives Black Mamba — a member of the brand’s high-end Elite Series — is built from a magnificent combination of 6AL4V Titanium, Bohler M390 super steel, and comes with a flipper mechanism and ultra-smooth ceramic ball-bearing deployment. It also comes with a tip-up pocket clip and a sturdy integrated frame lock for security in use.

Purchase: $249

Eone Bradley Mesh Black Watch

Most folks think of watches as a piece of gear you simply glance at from time to time. But the folks at Eone have altered that perception with their Bradley watch — a minimalist timepiece that’s beautiful to behold but also has a tactile edge. That’s because it’s designed to be touched — meaning it has no crystal covering the dial and has raised indices and a ball-bearing hour marker so, if you can’t look at your watch, you can still feel what time it is with your fingers.

Purchase: $310

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